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Winter Of Discontent #2 [2016 Remaster]
Russell Haswell
Haswell Studio
Catalogue Number
hs 02
Release Date
21 de desembre 2016

Falling Snow #4, +20dB, [Wild Track] [2016 Remaster].

TT = 74:00

Notes = 2x Dolphin EAR/PRO hydrophones direct to Sound Devices 744T. Recorded early afternoon Monday 02/02/2009, Suffolk, UK.

Remastered Tuesday 20/12/2016, London, UK.

Originally released in 2009 as a CD-R in a ‘Kidzbox' package in an edition of 10 copies only. Privately Published.

"Frozen atmospheric water vapour falling in real time, and the best sound on a white record since Dillinger. This is a brilliantly conceived and beautifully executed work, a powerful narrative full of exquisite detail and elemental menace. Turn the lights off and tune into a disappearing world, this is essential listening from the Haswell Studio this winter."

Chris Watson Sound Recordist & President of the Wildlife Sound Recording Society

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Russell Haswell

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